Photographic Experiences

It’s all about you!

You don’t need to be a professional model to look as stunning as the images you see around you every day. Mimi is dedicated to helping you show off just how beautiful you really are with modern boudoir photography.

The Mimi experience is about relaxation from the moment you arrive.  It’s about coffee and biscotti on the sofa while you talk through ideas for the shoot.  It’s about being bundled up in a fluffy robe whilst you’re pampered with stunning make up and film-star hair by our all-female team.  It’s about sipping wine or champagne *, relaxing into the role and feeling a million dollars…

*Hair styling and champagne not included in all packages.

Photographic Experiences

...stunning makeup and film star hair...

Mimi specialises in a range of Boudoir and Makeover photography for women:  Sexy images for your loved one’s eyes only; fine-art images to hang on the wall or photography to celebrate a particular time of life like pregnancy.

Whatever your age and for whatever reason, Mimi is for you.  Whether you’re on top of the world and want to capture your confidence on film or feeling low and in need of a boost, Mimi will work wonders.

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